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MPC Ultima High Solids Finish 5gal


$165.66   Packaged: PL  MPC-ULT-05MN

Spartan The Fixx Floor Finish - 5gal


$141.08   Packaged: PL  SPA 404605

Spartan FloorFront Finish - 5gal


$145.31   Packaged: PL  SPA 404705

Spartan iShine Floor Finish - 5gl


$142.02   Packaged: PL  SPA 405505

Spruce Classic 22% Floor Finish - 5 gal


$130.01   Packaged: PL  SPCL225

Spruce Classic 25% UHS Finish - 5 gal.


$144.84   Packaged: PL  SPCL255

Spruce Radiance - 25% Finish - 5 Gallons


$184.71   Packaged: PL  SPRFF5

SSS Slam Dunk 25 UltraHighSolids 2/2.5gl


$157.73   Packaged: CS  SSS 48084

SSS NanoForce 22% Floor Finish 2/2.5gal

SSS NanoForce Nano Powered Floor Finish, 2x2.5 gallon. A pure acrylic finish formulated with a nano-additive that provides outstanding scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability. The nano-additive significantly improves leveling properties which allows the finish to be distributed uniformly; ultimately easing the application process. For its ultra-durable and low maintenance properties, it is the cost conscious choice for high traffic areas. This 22% solids styrene-free floor finish is well suited for scrub and recoat programs. Daily dust mopping and damp mopping, spray buffing, and mop on restorers keep your floors looking beautiful, even after multiple recoats. This finish will not yellow and can be stripped easily with conventional floor strippers.

$154.62   Packaged: CS  SSS 48157


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